1,000,000 POD Designs

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FYI - Only 200 Slots left in 67$ Slot. Post that 1M designs Bundle will cost 97$.

1. What was the process you followed in creating these designs?
 A) We do research slogans and get them designed by Top-Notch designers who charge $100+ per design. We promote those designs, discard non-performing designs and duplicate the top-selling ones to different niches (Names, Professions, Hobbies, Pets etc). 

2. How do these 1M designs look?
A) Each winning design was considered as a template and it was duplicated to 1000s of professions, names, hobbies, pets, years etc.

3. Why are you giving away these designs when you are already making money with it?
A) After spending many years in the POD niche, we thought there is a lot of gaps we can fill as a POD platform. We are launching a futuristic POD platform for sellers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and buyers. We have already put a very good amount of money into it, but it requires a lot more. This sale is a kind of Fundraise for us to launch our platform. Be part of an amazing product launch.

4. How do you deliver the designs?
A) We will send you a google form. Please fill in the details and we would provide you access to our file system. Sharing or Reselling is strictly not permitted. Our proprietary AI tools always monitor the usage of our designs. Legal will take down the stores for unauthorized usage of our designs. Please use them for your own benefit. Thanks.

Do you have a money-back guarantee or refunds?
A) We absolutely don't offer any refunds on this product. We know the value of the designs and each design is costing you $0.000067. If you have any doubts, please contact us before placing the order.

6. Can you help us with Shopify Product listing and Marketplace listing with the same designs?
A) We are launching fully automated Shopify stores with 1M+ POD products very soon. "1M POD Designs" customers would get early access.

7. Do you guide us to make money once we purchase the designs?
A) We will absolutely guide you. As we are launching a POD platform, we are not going to be competing with you as a seller. So we will spill every secret out. All the methods and guides will be FREE. We don't make money selling guides.